Zimmer90 (DE)

3. August 2021

Their sound is infused with atmospheric synth waves paired with groovy baselines and catchy drum beats refined by organic percussion elements. Add to that the emotional chords and Joscha’s voice with its smooth, honest sound. The result is an unmistakable sound with a high recognition value. Zimmer90 is dreamy, vibey and most of all tactile – that’s exactly what makes them special and makes them stand out in the electro-indie-pop cosmos.

In early 2020 they released their first single “Movin'”, which generated over half a million streams in its first year, proving that the Zimmer90 sound works. After two more self-produced singles, the debut EP “Fall Back” produced by Mario Simic, who already worked with greats like Mavi Phoenix, Fil Bo Riva and BRUCKNER, was released in April 2021. The prestigious label Kitsuné from Paris, with which Phoenix, Parcels and Two Door Cinema Club, among others, has already noticed the band attention to the band and released the single “Fall Back” from Zimmer90 as a featured artist. single “Fall Back” from the EP.

Photo © Zimmer90


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