Yamaha Masterclass: Music Production for Singer & Songwriter

31. August 2022

Basics, Creative Tools and Tips 

You have a lot of creative ideas, but don’t know how to turn your songs into good sounding demo productions? 

This masterclass will cover the basics of a good home studio and how to record yourself in a professional way. Then we will look at different ways to turn your recordings and ideas into an actual arrangement. You’ll be shown how to create good sounding beats, how to work with virtual instruments, and how to create an exciting vocal arrangement. Along the way, you’ll learn a lot of basic mixing tricks and tips. (e.g. equalizing, compression and other editing tools).

You don’t need any knowledge of music theory or more than basic DAW skills! There will be room for questions at any time! Looking forward to meeting you!

The Yamaha Masterclass will take place on Friday, 9 September from 12:45 to 13:45 as part of the conference at WUK Conference Room 2. Find more conference events in our schedule.


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