Waves Central Europe

9. December 2021

These days Waves Central Europe (short WCE) was launched as a complement to the Waves Festival.

Within the framework of the WCE project music professionals of the Central European region (Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) will have the opportunity to get to know the focus markets of the international non-EU partner countries better and to jointly work out opportunities and ways to become active there. For the first edition of the new project the focus will be on Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

The participating delegates from the international partner countries will be given a detailed insight into the music scenes of the WCE countries and introduced to potential local cooperation partners.

Together with the delegates from the WCE countries, strategies for export to the partner countries will be researched and worked out, in each case with regard to the local conditions and existing structures.
The focus is on the exchange and growth of knowledge as well as the networking of and for people from these countries who are active in the music industry.

The WCE project is thus intended to lay a foundation for long-term and sustainable cooperation between the participants of the WCE countries and the international partner countries.

Partners in the project are HOTS from Hungary, SIGIC from Slovenia, BACH from Czech Republic and Waves Festival from Austria. Waves Central Europe is realised in partnership with the EMX.

Please go to the Website of Waves Central Europe for more information about the project, the programme and the application form to take part in the programme.


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