Vaovao (DE)

3. August 2021

Vaovao – Six letters of a journey through synthesizer sounds and sound collages, supported by fragmentary violins, driving beats and a hypothermic vocal. The music of Vaovao draws on various elements of the recent history of pop music, reflecting and quoting them, but remaining reflects or quotes them, but due to new combinations always remains more than a pure retro phenomenon. The lines of the German-language lyrics are sometimes Dadaist, they are fragments of narratives and movements, literary vibrations and oscillations that challenge. Sound and text move in musical and lyrical spectra, rather than in delineated patterns. The music swims freely instead of delimiting itself. And at the same time it does not hollow itself out, it remains dense and engaging. This is not a journey on the way to a destination. The destination is the journey. A journey that is just beginning.

Photo © Anna Jaissle


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