Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster

3. August 2022

The Ticketmaster New Music team supports artists at every stage of their career and in achieving their goals. To achieve these goals together, Ticketmaster works closely with managers, bookers, labels, promoters and venues.

Ticketmaster and Goodlive Artists welcome artists, partners and colleagues on September 8th for drinks & food in a cozy atmosphere at the Reception at Chelsea (Lerchenfeldergürtel). In the following showcase Goodlive Artists and Ticketmaster New Music present the upcoming acts Philine Sonny, Moncrieff and Tigermilch, and as a special highlight the exclusive live premiere of the joint single by Kahlenberg x Anna Mabo.

We are happy to welcome you at “Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster New Music present”!

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