Selected projects Crossing Boundaries and On the Premises

7. July 2022

The independent jury for both the Waves Festival 2022 Crossing Boundaries and On the Premises bids consisted of:

  • Carola Schmidt (Artist in the fields of film, photography, multimedia; a.k.a. performance artist Lulu Schmidt)
  • Klara Prieschl (Production Manager at Spoon Agency; independent Stage Manager)
  • Gerald Wenschitz (a.k.a. DJ Gerald VDH; promoter of „Meat Market“, „Fish Market“, „Shirts Off“)

has selected the following projects for implementation: 

Crossing Boundaries

Vogue, Drag und Drama!:a top-class variety show with the best international drag artists, amazing dancers from the Viennese voguing scene and queer DJs.  

BEATZARILLA shows FLINTA* musicians shows music videos by artists who have incorporated feminist or queer content in their videos. 

Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it is not a problem to you personally.” shows how we recognise discrimination, microaggressions and assaults that we do not experience ourselves. 

The selected projects from Crossing Boundaries will be supported with EUR 2,000 each by Waves Festival and will be realised and shown directly at Waves Festival 2022.

On the Premises

Danger Day: a workshop series learns the basics of performance..

Beatzarilla FLINTA* voices on! is an evening for FLINTA* musicians and producers. 

sch:cht [ʃɪçt] pushes the search for new diverse audiences as a cross-genre event format.

The selected projects from On the Premises will each be supported with EUR 3,000 and will take place in the run-up to Waves Festival 2022 in August with free entry.

More information on the individual projects will be communicated in the coming weeks.


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