Schorl3 (DE)

3. August 2021

Founded in 2020, SCHORL3 is a brand new project that has already taken off its children’s shoes. The band consists of three guys from Hamburg: the singer and songwriter LMO and the producers Hans & Hans. IndiePop, with strong strong influences from funk, disco and hip hop, and was baptized by the band itself Sprudelpop.

Aesthetically, the group refers strongly to epochs and combines the most diverse styles styles into one of their own. Together with a team of young creatives from all over Germany, it succeeds in creating to create an unmistakable overall product, as sound, style sound, style as well as attitude and brand are different from both the from German mainstream pop as well as from contemporary IndiePop.

Pounding rhythms, polyphonic vocals, the combination of analog and digital sound and a lot of a lot of charm are the core competences of the band. Their musical role models are bands like Jamiroquai, Daft Punk and The Neptunes.

Photo © Jonas Klimaschewski


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