Salò (AT)

3. August 2021

SALÒ lives in Vienna and, according to his own statement, makes music for dog petting,
people who refuse to work and everyone else who has feelings. The whole thing sounds like a wild mixture of German post-wave, pop and punk. Since his performance at this year’s c/o pop xoxo, one thing is certain: SALÒ has to be experienced live.

SALÒ’s latest single “Heißes Blei” feat. the Viennese neo-RnB singer Eli Preis, released at the beginning of June, tells the story of two lovers who are only able to live together through the inflicting pain on each other are able to feel pleasure and love.

SALÒ and Eli Preiss paint the picture of a generation that would rather suffer than feel nothing at all, and whose toxic relationships have long since become the norm and whose toxic relationships have long since become a fetish.

SALÒ and Eli Preiss were brought together by the DJ and producer APUA, who also produced “Heißes Blei”. The “Kopf bei Fuss” – label boss is not only known with his parties and releases for several years now, he is an integral part of the local and international electronic scene for several years.


Photo © Marko Mestrovic


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