refurbed Fashion: new & green

5. September 2022

New clothes from recycled fabrics
Refurbed has been a special supporter of our crowdfunding campaign and has taken on the presenting of the Ukraine focus.
»We are deeply shaken by the ongoing war against Ukraine. Also because colleagues and friends at refurbed are directly affected. With our commitment we want to set a sign of solidarity and support artists from Ukraine.«

Socially and ecologically sustainable consumption is a priority for the online platform refurbed. In addition to electronics, there is now a new product category: Fashion. At refurbed, they have understood that the climate crisis requires a rethinking of consumer behavior. The Austrian company has made a name for itself with sustainable, fully renewed electronics and has been on a remarkable growth trajectory since its founding in 2017. More than 18,000 products are already offered on the platform, including smartphones, laptops, wearables, household appliances, e-scooters and much more.

Alternative to fast fashion
Since May, refurbed has now launched a new product category, namely fashion. With the new offering, the company wants to make a lasting change to another “environmental offender industry” and offers an alternative to resource-wasting fast fashion.
Peter Windischhofer, co-founder of the online marketplace, who is now active in 13 countries, says: »The conventional textile industry creates gigantic environmental problems. That’s why we want to offer slow fashion producers a central platform through which the sustainable sale of new garments and accessories is possible.«
The benefits familiar from the electronics sector are retained for customers: more sustainable production, 30-day free return policy, free delivery and a tree planted for every product sold. In the case of refurbed fashion, the selected retailers also have to meet special quality criteria in order to offer their products on the platform – for example, proof of transparency throughout the entire supply chain and a minimum share of 50 percent recycled materials.


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