QM&A On Stage Winners 2021

11. August 2021

After a jury session with Anne Eck (Silvertree Records), Itta Francesca (Sofar Sounds Viena/mica – music austria), Kasun Jayatilaka (Waves Festival) and Yasmin Hafedh (Yasmo) the winners of this years QM&A On Stage are:

  • Aygyul
  • Dacid Go8lin
  • Jungle Jade
  • Vereter

Besides performing at the QM&A showcase at Waves Festival 2021 each artist will be handed one of the following prizes:

# Music video production by  Josip Jukic-Sunaric, Mascha Peleshko, István Pajor (Granada, Spitting Ibex)
# Photoshooting with Tim Cavadini (Mavi Phoenix, Lou Asril, Oehl)
# Studio day with Julian Berann incl. Backing Band
# Microphone from Lewitt Audio

QM&A On Stage is a program initiated by Mwita Mataro (At Pavillon) that aims at promoting underrepresented artists by offering various prizes aimed at furthering their career, bringing them in contact with various actors inside the Viennese music scene and hosting a showcase event with strong media coverage.

QM&A advocates for more diversity in the Viennese cultural sector and implements a variety of different programs to ensure equal accessibility for all. More information: www.questionmeandanswer.com


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