Pippa (AT)

3. August 2021

Based in her native Vienna, so far Pippa has released two critically acclaimed albums: 2019’s “Superland” that she followed up with “Idiotenparadies” in the summer of 2020. The latter features “Egal” which went on to become both a hit on highly influential nationwide radio-station FM4 and a number 1 song on Radio Soundportal.

Her music is best described as a mixture of various genres: While the writing on her debut can be described as classic songwriting on “Idotenparadies” she ventures into more experimental territory mixing Pop, Hip-Hop and electronic sounds. The result is an exciting and unique musical amalgam. Lyrically, Pippa sticks to telling stories of Vienna and her life in an incredibly open, frank and – partly – brutally honest way. “Meine Traurigkeit” (“My Sadness”) or “Dystopia”, respectively, are cases in point.

During lockdown Pippa has kept working on new songs which she plans to release on a new album sometime in 2022 preceded by an EP of all new material in 2021.

Photo © Christoph Liebentritt


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