Mulay (DE)

3. August 2021

Mulay is a Berlin-based alternative/R&B singer-songwriter, producer and artist. She started her first band projects as a jazz and pop music student in the Netherlands.
The experiences she had there sparked her multidisciplinary approach and the continued journey of discovery of her artistic self-realization.

In a world of fleeting moments, Mulay wants to make music that lasts. The source of her inspiration are artists* who have gone their own way, such as FKA Twigs, SZA and Sevdaliza. Sound textures, vivid imagery, intimate emotions and irrevocably infectious grooves from a wide musical spectrum cross-pollinate. Mulay shapes a kaleidoscopic downtempo sound that can be captured at the intersections of soulful R&B, trip-hop, emphatic pop and electronica.

Photo © Gianna Shamone


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