[LEAK] (DE) – INES#talent

3. August 2021

[LEAK] create a warm electronic soundscape, which gives a deep view into a world of heartbreaking nostalgia and heavenly romantic closeups. Shimmering synths, dark hip-hop bits and cinematic, distorted guitars show the path to the surface. Who are you? Where are you? When are you? Where are you coming from? The year for [LEAK] would have started with two shows at the renowned British showcase festival The Great Escape, accompanied by the single “Closeups” and a comic adaptation of the band’s history. A hand-animated video for the single by the British agency “Ladybug” (who have produced works for the likes of Mumford & Sons). It is the summer of 2020 we have a lot to do. 2021 is coming.

Photo © Alexander Hill


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