Kids in Cages (LI)

3. August 2021

Autumn 2019. Kickstart. The kids lock themselves in their DIY studio with the aim
of finally giving their pent-up drive a musical outlet. While the pandemic rages
outside, Kids In Cages spend almost 20 months working on over 60 songs, of
which their debut single “Tired” was released in May 2021. A song in which the
Liechtenstein quartet deals with isolation and the imposter syndrome as well as
the all-pervasive corona fatigue.

Spring 2021. Fatigue turns into anticipation: With strategic foresight and armed to
the teeth with fresh music, the kids eagerly await the starting gun. Loaded with
modern rock mixed with rap that strikes a nerve of the contemporary zeitgeist with
surprising precision. When it finally starts, they’ll be eccentrically dancing around
to dubstep breakdowns and a mix of electronic music made up of self-created

Summer 2021. Live at last. The kids dance their way from the headquarters in
Liechtenstein through the veil of the reopened club and festival scene and stagger
euphorically into the new reality. With the necessary dose of world-weariness and
no fear of tomorrow, Kids In Cages have the potential to make a promising
contribution to the renaissance of Central Europe’s art and culture scene.

Photo © Kids In Cages


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