jazzbois (HU)

3. August 2021

Jazzbois is a jazz-hiphop fusion trio from Budapest, Hungary. Their debut album “Jazzbois Goes Blunt” had a strong impact on both the jazz and hip-hop scene, creating a unique psychedelic flavored fusion that shook the bones of jazz masters and beat lovers alike. As complete newcomers into the scene they were recognized by many key figures in the industry, receiving support from Joe Kay (Soulection), landed on multiple editorial playlists on Spotify & Apple Music, they got spinned on worldwide.fm and even in the office of the legendary jazz label – Brownswood Records. All together the album gathered 6M+ streams worldwide. Beneath the numbers however the full Jazzbois experience happens when they play live. Since all of the tracks are results of pure improvisation, cosmic energies collide every single time they play together. A truly unforgettable musical experience. This fall, their new LP, “Jazzbois Goes Blunt II” will drop with vibes so strong the scene can’t handle.

Photo © jazzbois


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