Ivan Grobenski (HR)

3. August 2021

In the strange year of 2020, the prolific Croatian singer-songwriter finally decided to make music in his native tongue Kajkavian, a dialect spoken in his home region Podravina. Transitioning from the noisy art-core aesthetic of his band Moskau, he opted for a more personal and intimate sound on the fringes of folk, blues and slowcore. After a year of working on new material, the Croatian crooner released his debut album “Siromahi i Lazari” to great acclaim. In his music, there are traces of Tom Waits, Bill Callahan, Nick Cave, Jim Jarmusch and a number of other pop cultural references to gospel, rebellion, religion, material poverty and regional ethno wealth. It’s exactly the local ingredients that make it special.

Photo © Ivan Grobenski


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