Italy and the Czech Republic are the focus coutries 2017

7. February 2017

We are happy to announce that two of our neighbours will be the focus countries of Waves Vienna 2017: Italy in the south and the Czech Republic in the north of Austria.

Italy like Austria is a country with great classical music tradtion. Aside from the many popstars that have always been present in our radio and festival scene for decades, there is also a range of exciting new acts from various genres which are are beginning to attract international attention. Music still plays an important role in Italy’s everyday life. This is illustrated by the strong market for Italian music productions as well as the many, well visited music festivals. This focus provides an opportunity for new cooperations with a many of those festivals as well as the development of new friendships with the Italian music scene.

Our second host country is located to the north, the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is well know for it’s fantastic festival scene. The Austrian music scene already enjoys a long-standing partnership with festivals like the Colors of Ostrava, Rock for People Festival or the Nouvelle Prague Festival and now this cooperation can be advanced and extended as part of the focus. Altough the Czech Republic is probably best known by music lovers as a nation of classical composers, it also is home to a diverse musical landscape, one whose most exciting talents will be represented live at this years Waves Festival.

We are looking forward to meeting the host countries delegates, to hear interesting new music, and to build new partnerships and maybe even friendships.


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