Introducing Israel

20. September 2019

In 2016, Waves selected Israel (and Germany) as its focus country, showcasing many of Israel’s newest and edgiest musicians in their European debut. This year the tradition continues, as the next wave of Israeli music is coming to Waves Vienna 2019. At the Reception on Thursday, 26.SEP.2019 from 18:30-19:30 at Ticketmaster Lounge @ WUK Project Room Israeli pop singer Sabina, a 2015 Waves Vienna alumni, will perform a 20 min semi-acoustic live-set. Everyone is more than welcome, so drop by, have a drink, listen to some great music, and mingle with the Israeli musicians in an intimate and informal atmosphere.

Please be aware that this is a Conference Event and can be attended with a Conference Pass or a Pro Pass only.

Israeli shows at Waves Vienna 2019

Alon Lotringer (IL)

FRI 27.SEP. 18:45-19:30, Aula

As a singer/songwriter, composer, producer and multi- instrumentalist Alon Lotringer has become prominent part of the Israeli music scene in the past few years.He was first acknowledged with his band “Moora”, leading the group on vocals and bass alongside Omer Klein and Shachar Barabash. Shortly after, Lotringer released his first Hebrew solo album, the critically acclaimed “In a Grey Turquoise Forest”. 

Paula Valstein (IL)

FRI 27.SEP. 20:00-20:45, HAKUMA Stage

Tel Aviv-born pianist singer/songwriter Paula Valstein matches her rich voice with a powerful sense of songwriting. The artist who has been working in New York and performed for music lovers worldwide, creates dramatic pop tunes that are driven by twisty melodies.

Lara Snow (IL)

FRI 27.SEP. 21:15-22:00, HAKUMA Stage

Lara Snow is the music project by Valery Sherman and Jonatan Harpak from Tel Aviv. With an extremely feminine and almost girl-like voice, Valery takes one from softly sung lyrics to rebellious rap phrases, which are musically held together with dramatic, dance-evoking beats.

Sabina (IL)

FRI 27.SEP. 22:45-23:30, Ottakringer Stage

Sabina released her album, Purple Ribbons, which was produced by the well-known Israeli music producer Yossi Mizrachi, and the acclaimed international producers – John Ho and Warren Huart in LA. The album deals with Sabina’s life, from her childhood in Stuttgart Germany, Hollywood career up till today in Israel, as an artist, social activist and a mother. Over the past 5 years, Sabina has performed with some of the Israel’s biggest acts (Adi Ulmansky, Yirmi Kaplan) as well as featuring in Vienna’s Waves Festival as a performer and main presenter. Her video clips were broadcast widely on the European channel OUT TV (the leading European life style channel). On ILTV television channel, Sabina was introduced as “The upcoming and talented singer songwriter Sabina”. Throughout her career, Sabina has written and composed her own songs, some of which have been produced by Luis Lahav (who worked with Bruce Springsteen). Sabina has recently collaborated with the upcoming New York producer Stavros on a remix that will be released in the Fall 2019. Sabina will be returning to the Waves Festival in September 2019. Her new material fuses together the Eastern and Western in uences on her life, resulting in a unique composition style that makes for memorable performances in her live concerts. This will be the second time that Sabina has been asked to be a creative consultant with regards to showcasing Israeli artists at Waves. Sabina writes and sings in 4 languages: English, German, French and Hebrew. She is involve in non-pro t organization “Turning The Tables”, which helps women leave the cycle of prostitution. Together with some of the leading women vocal artists in Israel, SABINA performed in a concert celebrating International Women’s Day with Yael Deckelbaum, Lola Marsh, and Jane Bordeaux. Sabina was recently appointed a Board Member of “AmericanVoices” in Israel. Recently, Sabina was chosen to sing and act in a new Israeli childrens’ film.


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