HOTS in Vienna

8. September 2019

This years’ HOTS reception on Saturday from 11:30-12:30 as part of the Delegates Tour will be an event-to-remember after the last two years’ packed meetups: it’s not only the first time that Hungary earns a focus role on a professional event – which we couldn’t be more excited about! –, but thanks to this reception, Waves Vienna also returns to Collegium Hungaricum, the venue where it all started. Plan your Saturday with us, Hungarian beats and bites and drinks, and the key professionals you should know from our territory.

Please be aware that this is a Conference Event and can be attended with a Conference Pass or a Pro Pass only.

Hungarian shows at Waves Vienna 2019

Mayberian Sanskülotts (HU)

THU 26.SEP. 20:30-21:15, WUK Foyer presented by Ticketmaster

Mayberian Sanskülotts is a Hungarian dream pop band that merges 80’s new wave rigid romanticism of bands like the Cure, Slowdive-esque slowburning shoegaze and the dreaminess and melodic sensibilities of contemporary acts like Beach House. Singer Zita Csordás evokes Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins and Hungarian folk music at the same time. Despite these influences, their music is very much their own, always meandering between the deeply personal and the spiritual. 

Platon Karataev (HU)

THU 26.SEP. 22:30-23:15, HAKUMA Stage

Platon Karataev is not only the name of a Leo Tolstoi-character but also of this Budapest-based indie-band. They were formed in 2016 and released their EP Organge Nights in the same year. Their first single, ‘Elevator’ was ranked no. 4 on Spotify’s German viral top 50-playlist – a release that was followed by positive feedback from local critics but also brought along an international fanbase. Platon Karataev have played at Reeperbahn Festival, Liverpool Sound City and Zandai Festa and most major Hungarian Festivals. Their second album is to be released in 2019.

Middlemist Red (HU)

THU 26.SEP. 23:45-00:30, Aula

Middlemist Red is a Hungarian psychedelic rock four piece, that balances between a certain nostalgia and its  21st century context. Their main inspiration channels are from the new wave of psychedelic rock like The Horrors, The Black Angels or Tame Impala as well as bands from the late 60’s such as The Doors. Middlemist red was formed in 2012 and gained soon attention in the music scenes of Budapest, Hungary and internationally. They have played amongst others at Eurosonic Norderslaag, EXIT Festival (SRB), Rock for People (CZ) and Sziget Festival (HU). 

Dope Calypso (HU)

THU 26.SEP. 00:15-01:00 (night from THU to FRI), Ottakringer Stage 

The Budapest-based band called Dope Calypso sounds like if a garage punk group all of a sudden fell deeply in love with the delicate pop music of the late sixties. The create the lovechild of these two entirely different genres, fill it with obscure lyrics, references to popular culture and sacredness, tell absurd stories, but create all in all perfectly working pop songs. The band shows a total inability to take themselves seriously – and entertain. As a recognition of their talent and work, in 2018 they were first performing at Eurosonic Noorderslag and after that at Primavera Sound.

Vera Jones Experiment (HU)

SAT 28.SEP. 18:45-19:30, Open Air Stage presented by Stadt Wien 

Award-winning Vera Jónás from Hungary sways you with her tender music or makes you dance with her tiger-wild songs. Together with her band, Vera Jonas Experiment, Vera has toured extensively in Asia and throughout Europe. She has amongst other played two shows at Eurosonic 2017, one of which was recorded by Rockpalast. Her latest release, the single “Last Song”, was out in 2018.

The Qualitions (HU)

SAT 28.SEP. 22:45-23:30, Ottakringer Stage

The Qualitons from Budapest have been active for 11 years now, playing catchy, energetic, psychedelic rock inspired by the sounds of mod-beat and funk music of the 60s and 70s. With a recently recorded live session at the legendary KEXP radio in Seattle and several gigs around Europe, the band has received international attention for their shows and vibe. The Qualitons’ third album ‘Echoes Calling’ was out in 2018. It received 2019’s Fonogram Award and was listed as 2018’s best album on several Hungarian music portals.

Ivan & The Parazol (HU)

SAT 28.SEP. 00:00-00:45 (night from SAT to SUN), WUK Halle 

Hailing from Budapest, the five piece rock and roll band Ivan & The Parazol started their career in 2010. Since then they released four albums, opened for Deep Purple in 2014, played SXSW (two times) and Eurosonic Noorderslaag, and did hundreds of shows around the world. In 2018 they recorded their most recent album “Exotic Post Traumatic” at the iconic EastWest Studios in Hollywood together with Wil Anspach, who worked with performers like Red Hot Chili Peppers or Muse. The album was released in 2019 and is a renewal of the band’s distinctive soundscape.


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