Greyshadow (AT)

3. August 2021

Greyshadow is singer-songwriter Gregor Wessely. His music is about contrasts: leaning on guitar-driven indie artists from the Britrock-Era his music is strongly focused on the singer-songwriter style. The guitars are haunted by extensive synth-sections, reminiscent of the 80s, while searching for the modern at the same time. At times the drums are a constant pulse in the background, pushing the energy of the song, at others a groovy vibe that could easily be danced to. Building new ethereal spaces, the music is dreamy and weightless and invites one to switch off for a while. Greyshadow contemplates his own music as an unique journey, where he keeps on growing and evolving. It’s all about moving from one place to another trying to find his own pace and place in life. During his journey, he reflects a lot and faces up with situations of forlornness, defamiliarization, loneliness or alienation. His music helps him to realize and understand his personality better, while there is an consistent will to improve, grow and to learn. Songs can start off with a sense of light-heartedness, even giddiness but the sorrow is not far behind as the melancholy seeps through and ultimately saturates the lyrics. The desire to hide oneself, shyness, alienation is here but watchful and optimistic for future openness. This mix between the two worlds is illustrated in the versatility of the songs. Behind the dreamy character of this music, there is a pervasive fear of getting lost and losing touch, recognising the uncertainty of the individual, haunted by feelings of imposter syndrome. There is a sensitivity at play, reflecting on the challenges of relationships, how hardship can promote growth and understanding leading to a unique dynamic that can only be forged through grit and flexibility as every issue requires it’s own response. Greyshadow blurs the line between genres, feeling out the rhythms of existence as one struggles on to find one’s place in this life. His live band consists of professional musicians: Matthias Stehle (Drums), Max Hofer (Bass), Alessio Bertholdi (Guitars, Synths) and Peter Fischer (Synths, Backing Vox).

Photo © Greyshadow


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