First topics for Waves Vienna Music Conference 2018

12. July 2018

Compatibility of Music and Family Life, Sync Rights and Importance of Music Blogs as first topics of the Waves Vienna Music Conference – Focus Countries 2018: Portugal and Slovakia

In September 2018 the Waves Vienna Music Conference, organized by Waves Vienna and Austrian Music Export, will take place for the eighth time. Hundreds of national and international music experts, organizers, label owners, bookers, and musicians will meet during the day for discussion and networking at Vienna’s WUK. In the evening they will have the chance to see performances of around 100 new upcoming bands at the public music festival.

First topics: Music career and family, monetising sync rights and music blogs

The conference programme will address current issues in the music industry: How do artists place their music in film, television and video games and what best practices from the field of sync rights exist? How is a career as a musician or a job in the live music industry compatible with family? What social responsibility does the industry itself bear and to what extent does this influence a decision between career and family? How important are music blogs for young music careers, does radio still play a role and if so which? These and other questions will be answered by international representatives of the music industry in panels, workshops, networking sessions and speed meetings from 27 to 29 September. A panel will use the Austrian band Cari Cari as an example to examine the effects of the music export XA Award, which will be presented for the second time this year as part of Waves Vienna.

Portugal and Slovakia as focus countries in 2018

True to the motto “East meets West”, the focus this year is once again on two partner countries: Portugal and Slovakia. Portugal in Western Europe shines with numerous well-known summer festivals, globally successful folk music and a strong pop/rock and electronics scene. In 2017 Portugal, like Austria, could be pleased about being a focus at the Eurosonic Festival as well as winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Waves Vienna has been working closely with the second host country, Slovakia, for years. In addition to geographical proximity and a diverse musical landscape, whose most exciting representatives can be experienced live in the music programme of the festival, Slovakia also has an interesting live music scene including the Pohoda Festival, which has received several international awards.


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