Diversity Advisory Board

5. April 2022

In order to get the most comprehensive input possible on topics, related aspects, potential cooperation partners and networks for our new general theme “Diversity”, an advisory board consisting of 4 people from various fields was appointed to exchange ideas with the festival’s implementation team, to sharpen concepts and to reflect on what has already been implemented.

Dalia Ahmed is a music journalist, radio presenter and DJ. She hosts the weekly programme “Dalia’s Late Night Lemonade” on Radio FM4 and is part of the FM4 Morning Show team. Photo: Eva Zar

Kem is a musician, producer and activist in Vienna. Known as rapper* “KEROSIN95”, Kem has been working in various theatre and music projects since 2015, focusing on a queer-feminist perspective. Image: Hanna Fasching

Mwita Mataro, is a native of Salzburg with Tanzanian roots. As an art and cultural worker with an international history, he sees it as his task to use art and cultural projects to bring more attention to social issues that gain little or hardly any visibility in the white majority society. He is currently the singer and songwriter of the English-language rock/pop band “At Pavillon” and is working on his first documentary and feature film “Austroschwarz”. Photo: Margarita Keller

Zuzana Ernst is curator of “D/Arts – Project Office for Diversity and Urban Dialogue” and has been part of the artistic management team of Brunnenpassage since 2016. In her work, she combines community-oriented artistic practices with political-participatory cultural work. As a scenographer and founding member of the transdisciplinary performance group tangent.COLLABORATIONS, she has dedicated herself to increasingly collaborative piece development since 2012. She is also a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and was until recently a board member of IG Kultur Wien. Image: Igor Ripak


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