Daily Festival Line-Ups

3. August 2021

Waves Festival 2021 daily line-up: Day Tickets are available now.

THU 09.09.2021
Ava Vegas (DE)
Aze (AT)
Burkini Beach (DE)
Casper Clausen (DK) – ETEP
Cloud Cloud (AT)
Discovery Zone (DE) – ETEP
Faux Real (FR) – ETEP
Hearts Hearts (AT)
Johnny Mafia (FR)
Keshavara (DE)
Laikka (AT)
Liener (AT)
Mariybu (DE)
Meskerem Mees (BE) – ETEP
Oska (AT)
Pippa (AT)
Ro Bergman (AT)
sinks (CZ)
Sir Simon (DE)
Sparkling (DE) – INES#talent
Takeshi‘s Cashew (AT)
The Unsleeping (UA)
Zbaraski (UA)
more to come …
FRI 10.09.2021
+SHE+ (RO)
Änn (AT)
Baiba (AT)
Dino Brandão (CH)
Downers & Milk (AT)
Elena Rud (DE)
Florence Arman (AT)
Gran Bankrott (AT)
jazzbois (HU)
Krekhaus (BG)
Kya Kyani (DE)
Lisa Pac (AT)
Mira Mann (DE)
Modecenter (AT)
Murman Tsuladze (GE)
Oxyjane (AT)
Rahel (AT)
Ruhmer (AT)
Schorl3 (DE)
Sirens of Lesbos (CH)
Sluff (AT)
Zimmer90 (DE)
Zinn (AT)
more to come …
SAT 11.09.2021
52 Hertz Whale (SK) – INES#talent
Barton Hartshorn (FR)
Earl Mobley (AT)
Etceteral (SI) – INES#talent
Filiah (AT)
Francis of Delirium (LU) – INES#tt
freekind. (SI)
Gaisma (DE)
Giudi (CZ) – INES#talent
Greyshadow (AT)
Kids in Cages (LI)
[Leak] (DE) – INES#talent
Lelee (SI) – INES#talent
Löwelöwe (AT)
Mordái (HU)
Mulay (DE)
Oxford Drama (PL)
Salò (AT)
Saya Noé (HU)
The Rodeo (FR)
Vaovao (DE)
more to come …


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