Corona FAQ


Can I cancel or rebook my ticket to 2021?

You can exchange your festival or conference ticket for a 2021 ticket of the same category, a Corona Goodie Bag or a Public Viewing Ticket until 10 August, 2020. If you have not expressed a wish by then, your ticket will automatically be converted into a Festival Ticket for 2021. All exchanges also include a streaming ticket for the online channels of the 2020 shows. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel your order. You can find more information here.

Can I still buy a ticket for the conference?

Due to Corona we have a very limited capacity at the Waves Festival Conference, which is why we also broadcast the conference online. For the streams you need a free conference streaming ticket.
With a free registration for the Waves Festival Conference, you will have access to the Delegates Database, which will go online in mid-August, and you will be able to participate in the panels on site, depending on availability.

Can I rebook or cancel individual tickets from an order to 2021 and keep others?

Unfortunately rebooking can only be made for a complete order including all tickets.

Do I need a ticket for the streaming version of the festival?

For the online streaming channel you can get a “Pay as you wish” streaming ticket, giving you access to the streaming channel. For the public viewing at WUK Hof you need a public viewing ticket, which will be available from mid-August. To participate in the panels and workshops of the conference online, we ask you to obtain a free Music Conference Registration. This will also give you access to the Delegates Database.

When will Waves take place in 2021?

Next year the festival will take place from 6 to 11 September 2021.

May I participate in the festival if I belong to a risk group?

If you belong to a risk group, we recommend that you inform yourself about our approach and weigh up the risk yourself. But: We appeal to your sense of responsibility and ask you to choose the option of rebooking in case of doubt. Safety first!

Can I cancel my ticket if I am not allowed to travel to the Waves Festival in Austria due to entry regulations?

We ask ticket holders arriving from abroad to check in good time whether the country of their departure is affected by Austrian entry restrictions. If this is the case, those affected can use the option we have provided to rebook tickets for next year. We strongly recommend that you inform yourself early about cancellation deadlines with regard to third-party costs (e.g. hotel accommodation).

Do I get a refund if the festival has to be cancelled?

Should we really have to cancel the festival, you will of course be refunded the ticket costs, offered an exchange or issued a voucher according to the legal situation.

Will you provide a non-contact or low contact possibility to exchange the ticket for a festival wristband?

Yes, there will be a non-contact or low contact solution for the distribution of the wristbands for the conference. There will be no wristbands for public viewing.
In addition, further contacts will be reduced to a minimum through guided queuing, distance controls and counters with acrylic glass. The tools used for electronic registration will be disinfected after each use.


What measures are taken on site to prevent infection?

All measures specified here have been developed in consultation with the responsible authorities. The safety of visitors, artists and employees is our first priority. Please note that due to the dynamic situation, these regulations may change before the festival.

Distance regulations
Please keep your distance! At present, a minimum distance of 1 m applies between two persons who do not belong to the same household. The conference rooms are equipped with chairs, the seating is placed in such a way that the distance is maintained.

Mandatory masks
At present, masks (mouth and nose protection) are mandatory when entering and leaving the conference location and the Public Viewing Area at the WUK. This also applies when entering the premises/building and when exchanging tickets for wristbands. When reaching the open-air area of the festival (WUK Hof) or when reaching your seat, the mouth and nose protector can be removed again.

Stage situation
A distance of at least 2 m is expected to be maintained between the panel stage and the audience.

Controlled admission + routing
The entrance is organised in queues, where masks are compulsory. Wherever possible, a one-way guidance system applies. There will also be separate waiting areas in front of the WUK.

No cloakrooms
The cloakrooms at the venues will be closed to avoid queues and delays.

Cleaning of the venues
All conference rooms are completely cleared out between programme items in order to clean and ventilate them.

Please note: It can be assumed that the Conference will be very long and may even start earlier than usual, as the measures described above take a lot of time at the entrance and exit.

Is my data collected so that I can be informed in case a visitor falls ill?

Yes, you have to buy your ticket online and check in on site. During this process you have to leave your email address, so we will inform you in case of illness by mail.

Can I eat or drink at the festival?

The distance control will be determined by fixed points in the rooms (bar tables, markings on the floor, etc.). At given fixed points at the venues it will be possible to do without the use of a mask and to consume drinks and food – comparable to the situation in restaurants. So far, we are not aware of any restrictions regarding the serving of alcohol, but of course we are in contact with the responsible authorities.

Will there be lower capacities at the venues?

Yes, due to the pandemic-proof implementation of the festival and the conference, the capacities at the venues will be considerably reduced. Accordingly, we will also be making significant adjustments to ticket presale contingents this year.

Will there be priority admission for delegates?

For logistical reasons, there will be no privileged access for delegates this year.


Which venues will be used this year?

Due to the strict regulations we have decided with heavy hearts only to stream concerts this year.

In the courtyard of the WUK there will be a public viewing of the Waves Festival Online Channel. The Waves Public Viewing will have the same setting as other public viewing events at the WUK (e.g. soccer world cup). The online channel will also be broadcast simultaneously on the Internet. To get access to the online streaming channel, please get a “pay as you wish” streaming ticket.

Will there be the possibility to visit the festival online if I don't want to participate on site?

Concerts of national and international newcomers as well as headliners will be available on various channels via stream. For this you need a “pay as you wish” free streaming ticket. Additionally, there will be a public viewing at the WUK Hof.

Which acts will perform this year?

Numerous national and international acts will be shown on our streaming channel – either at home on the screen or during public viewing in the courtyard of the WUK. You can access the online channel at home with a “pay as you wish” streaming ticket.

You can find an up-to-date overview of the acts performing online.

Is it possible that artists cancel their performance at short notice?

Unfortunately we will not be able to welcome any acts live in Vienna this year, which is why there will probably only be very few cancellations.


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