Waves Festival Code of Conduct

The Waves Festival and the entire team stand for appreciation, diversity and respect. We would like to put diversity in the spotlight during the festival. For us, diversity is the conscious handling of diversity in society. We understand it as an organizational as well as socio-political concept that propagates an appreciative, conscious and respectful approach to diversity and individuality and equality. 

The reduction of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities are the central goals. The core dimensions of diversity, which represent the variety of people, are usually considered to be: Age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation and physical and mental condition. 

We assume that you as a visitor, artist, partner, sponsor, subcontractor or supplier of the Waves Festival, like ourselves, are committed to this:

  • Respect and value diversity and individuality. 
  • Promote inclusion, both in terms of personal qualities and professional skills.
  • Treat others with sensitivity, courtesy, respect and team spirit.
  • Actively oppose discrimination of any kind.
  • Avoid crossing boundaries by practicing restraint and being aware that statements or actions may be perceived as offensive or hurtful even if they are not intended to be.
  • Refrain from condescending and disrespectful statements or actions, especially those related to gender, age, religion, creed, nationality, culture, ethnicity or ancestry, sexual orientation, social origin, disability or family situation.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination and assault! If you feel uncomfortable, experience or observe discrimination at the festival, please contact our awareness team or the nearest Waves team member! Our awareness team will be out and about at the festival on all three days and will be clearly visible and recognizable.

You can reach them by Mobile, Whatsapp and Signal Call +43 677 641 00 205 


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