Cloud Cloud (AT)

8. June 2021

Cloud Cloud is a dreamy guitar pop duo from Kiel (DE) and Vienna (AT), which writes songs via E-mail and video chat. Their haunting, minimalistic melodies melt into atmospheric melancholy, capturing the familiar and the far away.

Marten Kafke (also known as a member of the Viennese band KIDS N CATS) and Katja Seifert met at a concert in Kiel in 2019 and have been writing their music separately ever since – between Kiel and Vienna – with the help of e-mail and video chat. They already proved that this works amazingly well with their debut EP ‘What Are My Options?’, which was released on their own label Cloud Cloud Records in 2020.

Their single ‘Love’, which was released back then, has over 900 Spotify playlist placements to date, including the ‘P to the Laylist’ playlist of the befriended band Leoniden or the ‘FM4 Sunny Side Up’ playlist. In June 2020, FM4 also appointed them Soundpark Act of the Month.

Photo © Lukas Besenfelder


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