Canada – Guest of Honor 2022

5. April 2022

With the new general theme, there will also no longer be two guest countries from 2022, but rather one Guest of Honor, which this year will be Canada with its incredibly diverse and world-renowned music scene.

Canada will be represented as Guest of Honor at Waves Festival 2022 with at least six acts.
The year 2022 was chosen for this collaboration for two reasons: Firstly, this year’s festival motto “Diversity” stands for one of the qualities Canada is very proud of; furthermore, the year 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Austria and Canada – a wonderful opportunity to present emerging Canadian artists in Austria at this international showcase festival and to honour the close ties between our two countries accordingly – a bond that manifests itself above all also through shared values: Diversity, human rights, climate protection, the rule of law and multilateralism.
In particular, it is artists, their creativity and activities that inspire and shape our relations. Canada’s contribution to the Waves Festival 2022 is part of a series of joint activities in Austria and Canada this year.


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