Average Viewers Waves Festival 2020

15. September 2020

Here you can find the numbers of the average viewers for each channel of Waves Festival 2020 online streaming. As we didn’t have single events for the streaming of the shows in the evening we only can publish numbers per night.

Waves Festival 2020

Viewer retention
THU 10.SEP.2020Thurygrund29718:01
THU 10.SEP.2020Lichtenthal38511:01
THU 10.SEP.2020Wanderlust4339:35
FRI 11.SEP.2020Thurygrund1.97810:41
FRI 11.SEP.2020Lichtenthal2.15718:47
FRI 11.SEP.2020Wanderlust3.87911:31
SAT 12.SEP.2020Thurygrund1.48012:55
SAT 12.SEP.2020Lichtenthal2.05715:48
SAT 12.SEP.2020Wanderlust1.8319:33

Waves Festival Conference 2020

Viewer retention
THU 10.SEP.2020The Future of the European Music Eco System hosted by EMEE1.27811:21
THU 10.SEP.2020Feedback Listening Session 11.1089:14
THU 10.SEP.2020Feedback Listening Session 29846:12
FRI 11.SEP.2020The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data1.3348:52
FRI 11.SEP.2020Focus Country Ukraine76514:26
FRI 11.SEP.2020Focus Country UK1.21812:05
FRI 11.SEP.2020Fair Streaming? hosted by VTMÖ1.0819:55
FRI 11.SEP.2020Bandcamp Webinar1.1667:32
FRI 11.SEP.2020Brexit Workshop1.95211:46
FRI 11.SEP.2020Earning Money in Times of Crisis86810:12
FRI 11.SEP.2020MUSEXPO Presentation7748:06

Unfortunately we had serious audio problems with the streaming of these events of Waves Festival Conference so we uploaded the backup recording.

THU 10.SEP.2020Techniques for streaming Live Music from home presented by Yamaha
THU 10.SEP.2020New ways of audience participation in music

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