7. September 2021

Fanklub is a new digital platform where bands, DJs and musicians* can communicate with their fans in the best possible way and also generate a stable income. The launch will take place in mid-September. The founders of Fanklub FKM Music GmbH, Andreas Jantsch (Las Vegas Records, Vienna), Arne Thamer and Sebastian Król (Backseat, Hamburg), about their new project: “The three of us are united by our closeness to musicians and bands and the urgent desire to support them in their passion for music and professional marketing. We hope to be able to contribute a part to this with the fan club!”

Transparent, fair, at eye level

After opening their own club for free, fans sign up for a membership for which they pay €1.99 per month – or voluntarily more. 90% of the proceeds go to the bands. Every month. Regardless of whether or not a pandemic is currently ruining the tour.
With their fan club membership, fans get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite bands, experience livestreams, and participate in raffles and surveys. Anyone interested in last night’s handwritten setlist?
last night? And which venue should we actually play next time? In addition, you can communicate directly with the band via “Fanpost” – it doesn’t get any closer than that.

More than just a like

The fan club is necessary because the bands get more than just a like back here: Social networks demand a lot from bands, including financial investment. But the fans want to know what’s happening! So let’s turn the tables: In the fan club, every contribution reaches every fan. In the fan club, the bands receive the well-deserved appreciation, also for the work they already do besides the music. And through Fanklub, the bands earn money. Unfortunately, this has not been as easy as it sounds so far. But during the pandemic, a sensitivity has also developed among fans that air and love are not enough to pay for a studio every two years. Basic musical income with fair rules of the game, so to speak!

My club, your club, fan clubThe fan club editorial team will accompany the individual fan clubs with interviews, band presentations, news from the music industry, tutorials, workshops and much more. Always with the aim of providing bands and their fans with the best possible backstage experience. In addition, Fanklub cooperates with various music festivals and also plans its own events.

“We are already excited to see what Fanklub will look like. Because: The idea is super and a platform around music in the best case the desired alternative to Patreon. We can currently imagine very well to be part of the fan club!” – Folkshilfe (Band)

Fanklub is taking part at the panel “Tools for Streaming” on Thursday Sept. 9th together with Yamaha and


7. September 2021

Mixing Tips For Streaming With High Quality Sound

As long as (bigger) audiences are not allowed inside clubs, streaming is the most attractive option – if it is done well. Even after the pandemic, technology will continue to evolve and enhance the live experience. Already, streaming concerts from clubs is proving an attractive way for artists to perform and reach even larger audiences. Venues are also benefiting from the increasingly easy-to-use technology and the tendency goes towards always being ready to hold hybrid events. This workshop provides some useful tips on how to mix audio for a livestream and gives some suggestion on the kit needed for a successful streaming club event.

The Yamaha Masterclass will take place on Thursday, 9 September from 15:00 to 16:00 as part of the conference at WUK. Find more conference events in our schedule.


7. September 2021

From September 15, you’ll find hundreds of series, movies and documentaries in the HD Austria TV app! New ones will be added every month, from Vernon Subutex and Trust Me to Killing Eve and Normal People. To make sure you can watch your favorite shows with the sharpest picture and sound at home and on the go, our festival partner HD Austria is giving away tablets, soundbars, headphones or a PS 4 Slim.

Click here to enter the prize game. (Participation is only possible if you live in Austria.)

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25. August 2021

“Who cares who cares” is the debut album of Wolfgang Pérez. In recent years, he has been busy mainly as the keyboardist of the German-language pop band Golf. Now he wants to leave the German pop worlds as a solo artist – supported by an opulent session band. As the son of a Spanish woman, Wolfgang grew up multilingual anyway – so he’s an alien by nature.

Photo © Frederike Wetzels


24. August 2021

Each other’s muse, lover and band member. The creative duo behind Donna Blue plays sultry indie pop, under the influence of sixties yé yé, Lynch movies and old Hollywood romance – perfect for practicing those slow dance moves.


24. August 2021

Dark folk songwriting: melancholic, playful, brutally honest. Songs about penguins and toast, fire salamanders and pot faces. Songs about holding hands in times of racism. Despite their musical simplicity, or perhaps because of it, the poetic songs develop a powerful pull and land razor-sharp where it hurts. The acoustic stories of Vereter, the alter ego of Vienna’s underground musician* Pete Prison IV (Bosna, Mekongg) are hard to let go of.


24. August 2021

Jungle Jade delves into the fluctuating mental states that come with trying to create roots in a new space. Crossing paths as fresh arrivals in Vienna, singer-songwriter Yelvilaa (from Ghana & Hong Kong) and guitarist Shari (from Iran) quickly became good friends and collaborators, forming the project as a way to process their experiences. The duo is staunchly vulnerable, refusing to shy away from the internal dissonance caused by migration, mental illness, ambition, heartbreak,healing – and the joys in between.

Photo © Ina Aydogan


24. August 2021

Dafina Sylejmani aka Dacid Go8lin aka Duff Daddy: Queer, Non-Binary, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Promoter, Model, Artists.Dacid is the founder of Femme Dmc, a purely feminine collective and event series dedicated to Hip Hop in all its elements. 

In 2017 Dacid Goßlin decided to no longer just dealing with her event series, but especially with music production.

Since then she has released three EPs, played at various renowned locations and was nominated for various prizes.

Photo © Patrick Münnich


24. August 2021

Aygyul is a Vienna-based and Russian-born DIY multi-talent and ex-opera singer straight outta Floridsdorf who is by now producing electronic music in her home studio. The result: a fusion of Pop, Electro and unconventional influences.

Photo © Alisa Glknn


24. August 2021

Nina Jukić from Zagreb and Alexander Forstner from Graz are a multi-instrumental electropop duo: she besides vocals on piano and synthesizer, he on drums and guitar. Don’t Go’s sound is pop experimental, danceable but also thoughtful. Their debut single Maybe We’re Just Getting Younger, which aims to encourage a more optimistic look at the existential uncertainties of human life, was released in November 2019. They have been working with producer Sophie Lindinger (Leyya, My Ugly Clementine) on their debut album Jasmine, out April 30, 2021 on Seayou Records.

Photo © Hanna Fasching


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