7. July 2022

We’re proud to announce the next 24 acts for Waves Festival 2022:

3:rma (SI) AEIOU (LI) BEACHPEOPLE (DE) Boy With Apple (SE) Bryan’s Magic Tears (FR) Edward Hunt (DE) Florence Besch (DE) Joko (FR) Kids Return (FR) Lawn Chair (DE) Levin Goes Lightly (DE) Minimal Schlager (DE) Monako (DE) Nelavie (AT) Nosi (AT) nothhingspecial (DE) Sahareya (SI) Shitney Beers (DE) Spiral Mind (SI) The Psychotic Monks (FR) Umme Block (DE) Vanille (CA) W1ZE (AT) Yves Jarvis (CA)

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7. July 2022

We are very happy to be able to continue the cooperation with Wombat’s from 2020 and 2021 this year!

In the spirit of the Australian marsupial Wombat, two former Viennese backpackers have built up an international hostel chain. The hostels in London, Berlin, Budpest and Vienna are now not only popular places of hospitality, but also cultural encounters.

Consequently, the company is now deliberately opening its doors to local peops with new offers. This is also the case at the Vienna City Hostel at Naschmarkt: In Wombat’s Café (with its own roasting!) at the womBAR or in the lobby at the 24-hour minibar, you can now enjoy selected drinks – craft beer from Ottakringer Brauwerk, wines from Wieninger and cider from BlakStoc – in a relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere.



7. July 2022

After hotels in Amsterdam and Stuttgart, Jaz in the City has been mixing up Vienna’s 6th district since 2021 with a euphoric local mash-up of design, art and culinary delights, and this year as our new hotel partner also the Waves Festival.

If you haven’t had enough of music after the live concerts, you’ll find a Bluetooth-enabled sound system in each of the 163 rooms, or you can end the evening with a cocktail in the mariatrink rooftop bar.

Viennese charm, Grätzel culture and a steady, optimistic beat – the heart of Jaz in the City pulses with the sounds of the city and is made for you.


7. July 2022

We are very happy to announce CANAL+ as this year’s main sponsor.

Already since 1983 CANAL+ successfully stands for entertainment and premium quality and since spring the door to new content worlds has been opened also in Austria.

CANAL+ offers exclusive European series, documentaries and films, international blockbusters and many local in-house productions in full HD quality – both as part of a streaming service (also via app), and with the linear TV channel CANAL+ FIRST (currently receivable via A1 Xplore TV and HD Austria – other network operators will follow shortly). CANAL+ is thus the first to bring a streaming app with its own TV channel to Austria.

All information about CANAL+ can be found at www.canalplus.at

Main Sponsor 2022: CANAL+


7. July 2022

The independent jury for both the Waves Festival 2022 Crossing Boundaries and On the Premises bids consisted of:

  • Carola Schmidt (Artist in the fields of film, photography, multimedia; a.k.a. performance artist Lulu Schmidt)
  • Klara Prieschl (Production Manager at Spoon Agency; independent Stage Manager)
  • Gerald Wenschitz (a.k.a. DJ Gerald VDH; promoter of „Meat Market“, „Fish Market“, „Shirts Off“)

has selected the following projects for implementation: 

Crossing Boundaries

Vogue, Drag und Drama!:a top-class variety show with the best international drag artists, amazing dancers from the Viennese voguing scene and queer DJs.  

BEATZARILLA shows FLINTA* musicians shows music videos by artists who have incorporated feminist or queer content in their videos. 

Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it is not a problem to you personally.” shows how we recognise discrimination, microaggressions and assaults that we do not experience ourselves. 

The selected projects from Crossing Boundaries will be supported with EUR 2,000 each by Waves Festival and will be realised and shown directly at Waves Festival 2022.

On the Premises

Danger Day: a workshop series learns the basics of performance..

Beatzarilla FLINTA* voices on! is an evening for FLINTA* musicians and producers. 

sch:cht [ʃɪçt] pushes the search for new diverse audiences as a cross-genre event format.

The selected projects from On the Premises will each be supported with EUR 3,000 and will take place in the run-up to Waves Festival 2022 in August with free entry.

More information on the individual projects will be communicated in the coming weeks.


19. May 2022

We’re proud to announce the next 18 acts for Waves Festival 2022:

Alexandra Alden (MT) Alice Low (UK) Amelie Tobien (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Arai (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Batbait (CH) Bibiza (AT) Bipolar Feminin (AT) Christl (AT) Elsa (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Ennio (DE) Fran Vasilić (HR) Kitana (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Liz Metta (AT) Love A.M. (AT) Old Mrs. Bates (AT) Romc (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Saló (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Wallners (AT)


19. May 2022

September 9 is all about young, up-and-coming artists who want to inspire music fans with their unique sound at the Mom I Made It Night in the WUK Halle.

Danceable drama pop? No problem. Post-Punk? Of course. Or would you prefer modern rap? The artists Arai (AT), Saló (AT) and Kitana (AT) offer an evening full of musical variety.

The newcomers from the various genres are not only celebrating their first successes on the radio, they are also in hot demand on social media and streaming platforms. One more reason to experience the artists live and up close.


19. May 2022

Assim Live proudly presents some up- and- coming artists from the Austrian music scenery providing a very special ambience at Viennas well known scene pub „The Clash“ in Cooperation with Vienna Waves Festival on September 9th.

Romc will be opening the evening and certainly will implicate you into his own world of soul and R&B. He just released his debut EP „Crossroads“ and you should all remember his name, cause there is definitely more to come.

Follow by Elsa a very fascinating and unique german speaking act who will immediately transfer you into a special state, hypnotised by grand lyrics, telling a story that we all feel familiar with.

On top of that currently one of the best live acts in Austria. Amelie Tobien will also be a very important addition and headliner of this acoustic night. The singer- songwriter, born and raised in the mountains of Salzburg, developed her artistic work in the wine regions of Bordeaux and perfected her inimitable voice after work in Dublin’s whiskey-soaked bars. A voice with so much depth and at the same time vulnerable and honest facets you won’t forget.

Be part of his special night – See you there!


18. May 2022

In order not to let the Ukrainian music scene down in these difficult times, the Waves Festival wants to offer them a perspective with your support, support them and set an example!

Despite the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, we want to celebrate the Ukrainian music scene with this crowdfunding campaign – together with your support. In cooperation with the Ukrainian Cultural Institute and Musicexport Ukraine we want to realise a showcase of Ukrainian music at the Waves Festival – as in the past years. Three Ukrainian artists will be invited to play a concert and stay in Vienna for the whole festival. We will cover travel and accommodation costs and we will also host a networking event/reception at the Waves Conference.

This will be topped off with a Support Ukraine Party at one of the Waves venues at the festival. Ukrainian party music & drinks included (tickets available here in the crowdfunding).



5. April 2022

We are super happy to present you the first 27 acts for this year’s edition of Waves Festival:

a/lpaca (IT) Aili (BE) Anna Erhard (CH) Benjamin Amaru (CH) Berglind (AT) Christin Nichols (DE) Doppelfinger (AT) Farce (AT) Finley Quaye (UK) Girli (UK) Jessy Lanza (CA) Low Island (UK) M. Byrd (DE) Motherhood (CA) Naima Bock (UK) Nalan (DE) Nuha Ruby Ra (UK) Oskar Haag (AT) Palffi (AT) Plattenbau (DE) Pyra (TH) Sassy 009 (NO) Skaar (NO) The Hanged Man (SE) The Haunted Youth (BE) Ultraflex (IS) Zack Zack Zack (AT)


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