Assim Live Acoustic Night

19. May 2022

Assim Live proudly presents some up- and- coming artists from the Austrian music scenery providing a very special ambience at Viennas well known scene pub „The Clash“ in Cooperation with Vienna Waves Festival on September 9th.

Romc will be opening the evening and certainly will implicate you into his own world of soul and R&B. He just released his debut EP „Crossroads“ and you should all remember his name, cause there is definitely more to come.

Follow by Elsa a very fascinating and unique german speaking act who will immediately transfer you into a special state, hypnotised by grand lyrics, telling a story that we all feel familiar with.

On top of that currently one of the best live acts in Austria. Amelie Tobien will also be a very important addition and headliner of this acoustic night. The singer- songwriter, born and raised in the mountains of Salzburg, developed her artistic work in the wine regions of Bordeaux and perfected her inimitable voice after work in Dublin’s whiskey-soaked bars. A voice with so much depth and at the same time vulnerable and honest facets you won’t forget.

Be part of his special night – See you there!


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