33 new acts and daily line up revealed

1. August 2019

We are adding another 33 (!!!) acts from 12 different countries to the festival line up – introducing special showcases such as Rola Music Night, BY-ON, pop NRW and BaWü – and we are revealing the daily line up for the first 78 announced acts! Find the detailed line up for thursday, friday and saturday here!


[O] (UA)
AlIi Neumann (DE)
Fox & Bones (US) – Rola Music Night
Friedberg (AT)
Hayley Reardon (US) – Rola Music Night
Ikan Hyu (CH)
International Music (DE) – popNRW
Ivan & The Parazol (HU)
Juicy (BE)
Keke (AT)
Linn Koch-Emmery (SE)
Long Tall Jefferson (CH)
Manx (SE)
Mark Peters (UK) – Rola Music Night
Matija (DE) – BY-ON
Mayberian Sanskülotts (HU)
Middlemist Red (HU)
Mola (DE) – BY-ON
Platon Karataev (HU) – INES#talent
Rebecca Lou (DK)
Sladek (AT)
Sabina (IL)
Sasha Boole (UA)
Soia (AT) – INES#talent
Strandhase (AT)
Telquist (DE) – BY-ON
The Qualitons (HU)
The Screenshots (DE) – popNRW
Tik Tu (UA)
To Be We (DE) – BaWü
Two Year Vacation (SE)
Worth (US) – Rola Music Night
Zalagasper (SI) – INES#talent

Stay tuned for some more surprises in the next few month!

For a first impression have a look at our announcement trailer and keep updated on our website and on facebook.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Waves Vienna 2019 from 26th to 28th of September 2019. Get your tickets now!


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