24 more acts

7. July 2022

We’re proud to announce the next 24 acts for Waves Festival 2022:

3:rma (SI) AEIOU (LI) BEACHPEOPLE (DE) Boy With Apple (SE) Bryan’s Magic Tears (FR) Edward Hunt (DE) Florence Besch (DE) Joko (FR) Kids Return (FR) Lawn Chair (DE) Levin Goes Lightly (DE) Minimal Schlager (DE) Monako (DE) Nelavie (AT) Nosi (AT) nothhingspecial (DE) Sahareya (SI) Shitney Beers (DE) Spiral Mind (SI) The Psychotic Monks (FR) Umme Block (DE) Vanille (CA) W1ZE (AT) Yves Jarvis (CA)

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