18 more acts

19. May 2022

We’re proud to announce the next 18 acts for Waves Festival 2022:

Alexandra Alden (MT) Alice Low (UK) Amelie Tobien (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Arai (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Batbait (CH) Bibiza (AT) Bipolar Feminin (AT) Christl (AT) Elsa (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Ennio (DE) Fran Vasilić (HR) Kitana (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Liz Metta (AT) Love A.M. (AT) Old Mrs. Bates (AT) Romc (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night Saló (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night Wallners (AT)


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